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An SEO audit involves analysing a website's search engine performance and optimisation. Key steps: 1. Crawl Analysis: Identify technical issues hindering search bots. 2. On-Page Optimization: Evaluate pages for optimised title tags, meta descriptions, headers, content quality, and keywords. 3. Site Architecture Analysis: Analyse structure, internal linking, URLs, and navigation for search engine crawling and indexing. 4. Content Audit: Assess quality, relevance, and uniqueness. 5. Backlink Analysis: Examine quantity and quality of inbound links. 6. Technical SEO Evaluation: Investigate load speed, mobile-friendliness, security, and structured data. 7. Competitor Analysis. 8. Reporting and Recommendations: Provide a comprehensive report highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and actionable recommendations for improving SEO performance. An SEO audit identifies and addresses issues impacting a website's search engine visibility and organic traffic.